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Work With Us: Our Approach

When it comes to choosing a search firm, it’s essential to find one you trust. With Sales Consultants of Grand Rapids, our process is simple: we do exactly what we say we’re going to do. And for us, that means 4 simple steps:

  • Investigate

    To find the best candidates for a position, it’s important to first get to know you as a client. We make every effort to speak with key decision makers in the process, gathering valuable insight into the position, your needs and your company culture. Once everyone’s input is gathered, we begin screening candidates.

  • Locate

    We take the road less traveled when it comes to recruiting. Most of our placements come through cold calling, using our relationships & a database developed over 49 years to reach out to top talent at competitor companies. It’s a method not used by many firms, but it’s consistently been our most effective tool in attracting and retaining talent.

  • Guide

    We’ll present you with a short list of qualified candidates to begin the interviewing process. We’ll stay involved, consulting on both sides to ensure everyone has the information they need—and that there are no surprises along the way. We’ll also professionally release candidates deemed not a good fit, ensuring each leaves with a positive experience.

  • Deliver

    We’re committed to doing our due diligence leading up to an offer, including consulting with a candidate to ensure they’re committed to making a change and not prone to accepting a counter-offer. Once you’ve selected your top candidate, we’ll make the offer, guide them through their resignation process and secure their start date with your organization.

Retained Engaged Contingency
Database Search Database Search Database Search
Internet Research Assistance Internet Research Assistance Internet Research Assistance
Extensive Candidate Evaluation Extensive Candidate Evaluation Extensive Candidate Evaluation
Broker Offer Broker Offer Broker Offer
Resignation Assistance Resignation Assistance Resignation Assistance
Project Team Project Team
Collaborative Search Development Collaborative Search Development
 Cold-Call Recruiting Cold-Call Recruiting
 Reference Checks Reference Checks
Candidate Exclusivity
Detailed Project Timeline
Candidate Matrix
Background Check
Weekly Written Search Update
Fee Percentage 33% first-year compensation 30% first-year compensation 27% first-year compensation
Guarantee 180-day guarantee 90-day guarantee 30-day guarantee
Up-front Commitment 1/3 of total fee 1/3 of total fee2 $0
2Refundable if we have not presented at least 2 qualified candidates within 60 days